Apartment Construction


Apartment Framing & Construction Subcontractors in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Multi-family construction projects have different requirements and needs than single-family residential or commercial projects. Graves Lumber is well versed in providing high-end apartment construction services, and has the experience and expertise you can count on.

When you work with Graves Lumber as your apartment framing subcontractors, you will be able to package your labor and materials together. This helps lower costs, while also adding great convenience to the whole process. You will also gain great peace of mind knowing you are working with reliable, experienced multi-family carpenters.

Our apartment framing crews can quickly and efficiently build out the project based upon your plans and specifications. Further, we are able to offer a variety of other services in addition to the labor component of multi-family construction. This includes on-site management, document management, progress inspections and weekly reports, OSHA compliant standards, and more. We also have a huge network of partners to tap into, and can coordinate between additional subcontractors as well.

Graves Lumber is the multi-family and apartment framing, carpentry and construction leader. Call us today at (800) 996-1115 to get started on your project.